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Rodney L. Bowens - Executive Chef & Owner - Atlanta, GA


About B2 Street Eats

B2 Street Eats was to be formed, organized and will be led by Rodney L. Bowens, who will serve as the Executive Chef and Principal Owner.

"Growing up in a house with 13 siblings, cooking became second nature for me and has grown into a passion over the past 20 years. I did not pursue becoming a chef or cooking as a career when I was younger, I went on to join the United States Armed Forces. However, I still can remember preparing large meals for many of my Family members and friends to celebrate my birthday, for Sunday dinners and on some holidays. After 31 years of total military service, I recently retired from the U.S. Army on September 1, 2014. Cooking went from being a stress reliever while serving in the military to becoming something I love to do.

It's not just cooking anymore for me, it's an art. I am self-taught and I put a lot of love and passion in everything I prepare. I kept that cooking passion going prior to retiring from the military, for the past 10 years, I would volunteer to cater organizational ceremonies and special unit functions; preparing and serving numerous dishes for as many as 20-100 personnel.

I've received laudatory comments about my cooking and people have went as far as to suggest after I retire, I should open my own restaurant and to let them know when I do so. Well, although I am not opening up a restaurant, I did take their advice and decided to venture into food service profession, by being a part of one of the fastest growing industries in our country today…"The Food Truck Industry". I invite you to come and experience what I have to offer on the "B2 Street Eats Food Trailer".


Chef Byron

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